• AIAA UCSD Invites You to a Broadcasted NASA Event!

  • NASA’s Artemis program aims to have the first woman and next man set foot on and explore the Moon by 2024, and establish sustainable exploration by 2028, all with the greater plan in mind of landing on Mars in the late 2030s.

    In this extraordinary broadcasted event, a panel of speakers will be sharing with us, the space explorers of tomorrow, what WE can do to contribute to this revolutionary venture that will surely change the world.

    AIAA@UCSD is proud to present this conversation through NASA TV, where attendees will be allowed to ask questions in real-time. Upon the end of the broadcast, we will have speakers will come up on stage and share their own experiences with the Artemis program, space exploration, and Aerospace Engineering in general.

    If you have ever felt curious about what’s out there, or wish to one day contribute to humankind’s exploration of the Red Planet, attend to find out where YOU fit in!

    Do you have questions for the NASA speakers? Submit them here!

    Although this event is free, parking at UCSD is not. If you are coming from off-campus, it is a good idea to carpool. The closest parking is at the Gilman Parking Structure. From there it's a short walk to Price Center Theater.

    The broadcast will start at 3:30 pm and go until 4:30 pm. After, we will have our own panel of speakers. Light refreshments will be served. Come and go as you wish if you are available only for a portion of the event.

    Date: October 23th, 2019 3:00pm-6:00pm

    Location: UC San Diego Price Center Theatre

    Free Registration

  • Technical Lecture: Aircraft Tires

  • How much do you know about aircraft tires?

    AIAA San Diego invites you to a Technical Presentation on Pneumatic Aircraft Tires.

    Date: October 17th, 2019 6:00pm

    Location: Filippis Pizza Grotto, Little Italy 1747 India St., San Diego, CA 92101

    Please RSVP by Wednesday, October 16th Ticket Link

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