AIAA-SD Governance Proposed Changes Discussion with Sandy Magnus

Jan 6th, 2015

We had a successful turnout at the Sandy Magnus event tonight where she discussed the proposed changes to the constitution and the reasons for the change. The venue was convenient and an iconic aerospace location which is why the Kansas City Barbeque restaurant was selected (Top Gun was filmed there in 1985). There were about 22 people in attendance, all AIAA members. The audience ultimately suggested that a pro and con list for the governance change be included in the ballot so that people can review both sides and make an informed decision. We also brainstormed the idea of having a "voting party" where we invite the members out for a local gathering while also having laptops available to vote.

After all the questions were answered regarding the governance changes, we asked a few questions about her astronaut experience and asked for advice in applying for the astronaut program.